From Crickets to Conversions:

It's never been a more important time to learn how to effectively use live video to build a highly-engaged audience + fill your launches to sell with CONFIDENCE on camera on webinars, challenges, workshops, video series, virtual events + more!

It’s time to STOP being the Internet’s best-kept secret!
Learn how to effectively use the power of live video to build your brand before, during, and after your launches! 

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It's been over 7 months in the making
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Live Training #1 Begins Monday,  May 16th! 









Live Video has never been more IMPERATIVE in 2022 (and beyond) to play an integral part of your overall brand building strategy. 

Live Video is the easiest, simplest and fastest way to step into the world of video to build up your confidence on camera, hone in on your brand messaging and develop so many other business essential skills!

Live Video is your Go-To SOLUTION to continue BUILDING, EXPANDING and CONNECTING with your audience so your product launches, coaching and service offers do not fall flat!

Follow your inner calling to Step Up, Show Up, and Serve with a Proven Strategy that works! This is your time!

Here’s how the 3-Part Live Training is going down:

3 LIVE Video Trainings

Creating Impact with Live Video is a 3-part, live video training series where I’ll be walking you through how to effectively use live video to build a massively engaged audience who’s craving to connect with you and invest in your courses and services... before you even open the doors for them! 

This is NOT a pre-recorded video training. It's all live so I can interact directly with you and walk the talk to show you exactly how powerful live video is!

Here are the dates for each live video training which will take place at 3pm EDT/Noon PDT (Don't worry! We'll send you the link to access the recordings & give you time to catch up before the trainings are no longer available!)

  • Video #1: Monday, May 16th 
    Video #2: Wednesday, May 18th 
  • Video #3: Friday, May 20th 

Whether you’re going live weekly but not seeing results, or KNOW you need to START going live and are looking for a PROVEN strategy that will help you build your audience, you’ll learn how to show up confidently so you can get people engaged + ready to buy what you have to offer!


This is the place to be if you're a SERIOUS entrepreneur who wants to level up their brand! This is where we get to dive in deeper together in-between the live trainings! 

Not only will you get exclusive access to your workbooks we've created for each of the three live trainings inside the group but you'll also have the opportunity to connect with me, your live video coach, my team as well as other like-minded, highly driven, goal oriented business owners, course creators, membership owners, authors, speakers and consultants just like you!

This private pop up group will only be available for a limited time so we want you to take advantage of everything we're creating for you and get the full experience! I've earned the reputation that I over deliver so you won't want to miss out on anything I have in store for you! 


I've got your back! You’ll get email reminders for each day of the trainings, as well as access to the replays if you can’t join us live before they expire!  

You don't have to be a Lonely Solopreneur! You are 90% more likely to reach your goals if you have accountability! I will help you achieve those goals through the built-in encouragement and connection offered in this live training. 

Connection combined with support directly from me, my team of hand-picked Group Leader Coaches, and the amazing entrepreneurs I attract into my community will be your new formula for success! 

Oh and yes there will be surprise bonuses galore! I've also become known for doing the BEST giveaways for those who show up and participate, all hand picked to help your brand growth!




In this totally FREE live training, I’ll show you:

  • Why your current launches keep falling flat, despite all of the hard WORK you’ve put in!
  • How live video is the fastest way to grow a highly-engaged audience that’s BEGGING for your offer! 
  • How live video is the most underutilized brilliant strategy that is the solution for all the recent iOS14 changes for business owners to actually lower the cost of your paid advertising
  • Why focusing on things like equipment, the lighting and the perfect set is NOT an actual strategy that creates successful launches for your courses, memberships and services!
  • The RIGHT strategies to use your LIVE VIDEOS to get LEADS, CUSTOMERS, and SALES! (It's easier than you think when you know the right steps!!!)  
  • How to gain CLARITY on your BRANDING and MESSAGING so you ALWAYS have killer topics ready to share! 
  • How to go live with CONFIDENCE so your content makes a real IMPACT! (And yes… we’ll make sure your hair and makeup look great!) 
  • Plus, a whole lot more like GIVEAWAYS GALORE and a FREE Facebook Community filled with like-minded, positive, encouraging entrepreneurs just like YOU who are EXCITED to support each other and get real RESULTS!!!

Ready to learn how the Internet’s most successful entrepreneurs build a highly engaged audience?

Join the FREE Live, 3-Part Training Series: Creating Impact with Live Video 


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About Your Live Video Coach:  

Tiffany Lee Bymaster aka Coach Glitter is a multi-passionate, heart centered, creative entrepreneur who is obsessed with helping you take serious ACTION to Up Level your Personal Brand Business.

As a Live Video Coach, Digital Product Launch Strategist and Consultant who is highly sought after by some of the biggest Influencers in the online marketing space, Public Figures, Celebrities and NY Times Best Selling Authors, Tiffany has helped her clients pivot from Live In-Person events to the digital space with live video for National TV Shows like American Idol, Good Morning America, Ellen, Drew Barrymore Show, QVC, CNN and many more!

With over 20 years of previous experience as a Pro MakeUp ARTist, Wardrobe Stylist and Set Designer for TV, film & some of the biggest Brands on Multi Million Dollar Launches in the Online Marketing Space, Tiffany knows what WORKS on Live Video (and winging it doesn’t)!

After hiding BEHIND the camera for most of her adult life, it was right before her 40th birthday that she finally jumped in with straight up FEAR and all the butterflies throwing a rave in her belly but did it anyways! This was during the earliest days of Live Video (before FB Live was even a “thing!”) and has remained incredibly consistent having done well over 1,200 live videos (we lost count long ago!) to what this incredible business building tool has evolved into today: an instrumental and vital part of any online entrepreneur’s social media marketing strategy to quickly grow trust with an audience. And that trust can quickly transform into leads and sales - the lifeblood of any business!

Over the last six years, Tiffany has coached over 4,000 entrepreneurs through her Lights Camera Branding Program, teaching them how to grow their Personal Brand & Bottom Line with the power of live video. In this FREE 3-Part Live Training Series, you'll learn to strategically leverage live video to build a highly-engaged audience — so you can stop being the Internet's best-kept secret and start building a community of raving fans and clients!